The Era Of Islamic Expansion Coins Essay

The Era Of Islamic Expansion Coins Essay

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Coins are an important way for Islamic empires to express what is important to them. Over the decades of Islamic expansion coins were used with designs. These were coins remained in use from the Byzantine and Sasanian empires. Coins began to evolve as Muslims started to depict their own designs from the Byzantine and Sasanians. During the Umayyad dynasty things started to change with the appearance of coins. New designs were implemented during this time that were not the norm. An Umayyad caliph by the name of ‘Abd al-Malik was the one to start this alternation of the design for these coins. This was something that was important for him to strike and to maintain as the coin usage. The importance was because of religion, government, and change in technology.
During every era religion is a major factor in how the society runs and what is practiced. ‘Abd al-Malik in r. 685-705 shows less significance in rulers and emperors in his designs in coins. This was opposite of the Byzantine who had Heraclius and his sons on the front of the coin with a mint mark on the back (Source 1). As ‘Abd al-Malik was in rule he changed the back with an inscription of “In the name of God: there is no god but God alone. Muhammad is the Prophet of God” (Source 1). This shows that he may have been trying to show the difference between Islam and Christianity. The first change in the coin though still had some similarities such as the cross and the three figures upfront. This could have possibly been because people were not wanting to change what they were use to. As change began to be more noticeable he wanted the coins of his people to show that Muhammad was the messenger of God and even though polytheist dislike it that he might make it the victorious rel...

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...ins. Coins were completely transformed with inscriptions in the center and around the edge on both the front and back of the coins (Source 1). This completely took out any images and expressed God and the messenger of God.
Abd al-Malik was possibly the most important early caliph, and he made a number of significant transformations. It was during his rule that the empire swayed away from following the ways of the Byzantine and Sasanian empires, and instead developed its own distinctive atmosphere that would define Islamic states. ‘Abd al-Malik put emphasis on the importance of Islam, and claimed the role of leader. The change of coins and its designs that ‘Abd al-Malik made due to religion, government, and technology shows how and why this was done during the Umayyad’s. These relationships showed and provided evidence for the strike of the coins and their designs.

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