Essay about The Era of Artificial Intelligence

Essay about The Era of Artificial Intelligence

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The era of Artificial Intelligence is upon us, the rising technology within the AI field is quickly becoming one of the largest technological fields within the technology industry.
The rise of AI is so prevalent that even basic AI within devices today now seems commonplace; the introduction of AI like Siri on the IPhone seems trivial yet is a prime example of how prevalent the technology of Artificial Intelligence is becoming.
The rise of AI becomes of great importance to a large majority of the workforce, any job that could theoretically be made autonomous or something that requires little to no learning or variation in its task could become redundant with the introduction of more advanced AI which are slated to start appearing by 2020 when they could start displacing millions of humans in the workforce. (Gartner Research, Brant, 2013)

In the next section we will introduce how prevalent Artificial Intelligence is becoming, focusing on the future of AI technology and the fields that it will affect.
Artificial intelligence will have its greatest impact with its application to the industrial industry, the Kiva robots by Kivasystems’ are an example of the type of future that robots with AI will have (Garner Research, Austin, 2013). The industry will be affected the most by Artificial Intelligence due to the relatively easy repetitive and mostly autonomous task that corresponds to industrial work. There has already been a large increase in the amount of autonomous robots in the industrial workplace as they are able to work for less cost, they don’t require breaks and they can work 24/7 which creates a very lucrative opportunity for a manufacturer or employer to reduce costs of production and in turn the product or service they are p...

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...rise of Artificial Intelligence brings with it new technological advancements and will change the lives of people forever. The introduction of AI to different technologies such as industrial production robotics replacing workers, virtual assistants creating a centralised device for all your information and autonomous vehicles that will see humans driving alongside AI, these are all set to make a large dent in the workforce as factory jobs and autonomous jobs begin being taken over by autonomous robots and artificial intelligence which can replicate the work of a human becomes commonplace .(Gartner Research, Fenn , 2013) The impact in the future as artificial intelligence gains an ever larger grasp on the world is hard to predict yet the fact remains that artificial intelligence is technology of the future and it will become a major dominant technology in the future.

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