The Era of Americanized Development Essay

The Era of Americanized Development Essay

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“The old imperialism-exploitation for foreign profit- has no place in our plans. What we envisage is a program of development based on the concepts of democratic fair dealings.” President Truman (1949), the thirty-third president of the United States of America stated these words on January 20th, 1949 with a conviction and a passion that mesmerized the world. He said that his nation would lead the world into a new era, in which poverty and non democratic ideals would be a thing of the past. In which countries would be helped to “evolve” from their current states. However, this was far from the reality of which many had hoped. The “development” that Truman had promised was in reality just a disguise for a new, 20th century form of dominance, which gave the United States more power then has ever before been wielded in human history. It gave them the power to enter any nation without consequence from the international community and to unconditionally spread their ideologies and in most cases completely “Americanize” full cultures. As well, with the threat of communism it gave them an iron grasp on the throats of nations who accepted the financial support of the Marshal Plan. Through Truman’s Inauguration speech the term “development” was portrayed as the desire to eradicate poverty, when in stark contrast it was used as a medium to promote American ideals.
Politicians often lie.  Whether it is for the benefit of their country or for personal benefit, it is a daily occurrence.  Often leaders will say things to their citizens in order to instill a sense of hope and progress and only time will tell if they were truthful or not. Our view is that Harry Truman's speech was full of lies, which make it apparent that there was an ...

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... hopefully, coming to an end. This era held on for half a century, leaving in it’s wake irrefutable damage to international multiculturalism. The effects that American dominance (under the excuse of development) has had on some countries may never fully be understood.  It is with the redefining of the term development, understanding the dramatic effects it can have when improperly used, and the protection of poverty stricken nations from such influences, that we as a human race can truly evolve.

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