The Era Leading up to the American Civil War Essay

The Era Leading up to the American Civil War Essay

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During the era leading up to the American Civil War, America was at a state where the North and South where at each other’s throats. Arguments and problems between the North and the South were a daily occurrence, and were mainly due to the controversial topic of slavery. Slavery played an important factor in developing and maintaining the economies of both the North and South. Yet, both these regions were defined by various qualities due to the groups of people who were settled in these regions. Due to their different views on society and ways of generating money, many people such as abolitionists and pro-slavery apologists had entirely different views. Americans proved to have too many differences that violence and other virulent events were inevitable. Slavery was just too much of a convoluted problem for a juvenile nation, such as America to figure out. As stated in lecture, the impact of slavery shaped both the societies and economies of the North and South, which ultimately led to numerous conflicts. These conflicts include; the Tariff of 1828, the Kansas Nebraska Act and the Missouri Compromise, which eventually formulated the start of the American Civil War.
Leading up to the Civil War, there were mainly three groups of people who had various views on slavery, and what should come from it. These groups were, “free soilers”, abolitionists and pro-slavery apologists. William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass were abolitionists who believed that slavery should be terminated throughout America. William Lloyd Garrison began the publication of The Liberator,in 1831. This was the start to his anti-slavery newspaper in Boston. From its birth, The Liberator angered those southerners who were passionate about slavery, mainly si...

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...t that slavery formulated different economies and societies in both the North and South, it was almost inevitable that conflict would occur from it. Every issue that was addressed would always relate back to slavery. This made it hard to compromise since the South depended heavily on slavery and was more a costumed to it. Yet the North knew it was both morally and ethically wrong to pursue such an idea such as slavery. The Civil War is known as an impending crisis due to the fact that it was an inevitable situation and was completely unavoidable. The Civil War has proven to be a fight over various battles and conflicts between the North and South. The main overlying battle was slavery, and this battle has had the most impact on our Country’s future. Slavery has shaped America due to the people who fought for their rights, and those who fought for their way of life.

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