Equiano 's Autobiography : A Slave Ship Essay

Equiano 's Autobiography : A Slave Ship Essay

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In Equiano 's autobiography, he is eleven years old and kidnapped by white men from his home in what is now Nigeria. The captors took Equiano to a slave ship on where he fainted because he was overwhelmed by the sight of different Africans all chained to each other, of the sea which he had not seen before, and of the light complected men which was also new to him. On the ship’s journey to Barbados, Equiano fell sick because of the terrible conditions of the slave hold. When the ship’s crew tried to feed him, he refused and was consequently whipped with windglass by the crew members. In an effort to keep as many slaves alive as possible, the crew would bring the sick or weak slaves (like Equiano) onto the deck instead of in the slave hold. On deck Equiano experience 3 men jumping overboard in attempt of suicide. 2 of the men were successful and drowned, but one of the men was saved and beaten severely. Along the way, a ship much bigger than the one that held Equiano and the other slaves were on, anchored right next to Equiano’s and that is when all the slaves on his ship were forced to board the other and put down in the slave hold. The ship that now carried Equiano docked on the coast of Barbados and all the slaves on the ship were let off to be sold to slave owners. Equiano was shocked when he saw a man riding on a horse much bigger than the ones he had ever seen. When he asked a different slave about the horse he was also shocked to find out that horses just like the one the man was riding on, were in Africa as well. After all slaves had departed from the ship they were put into a cage like sheep and sold.

In the autobiography Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin we learned that in the 1950s slavery was no longer in action, bu...

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...was also shot and killed by an officer. I can not tell you this man’s name because it was apparently not as important. The only differences between this man’s story and Michael Brown’s story is that he was white and about 40 years old. Of course everyone watched the news listening close to the events going on in Ferguson. Including me. Yet, I was listening for something different. A story, maybe a short sentence at least, of the man who was shot in Arkansas. Nothing. Muslim Americans are being discriminated against because of suspicion of terrorism. African Americans are being discriminated against because of the suspicion that every black is dangerous and criminal. And lastly every white American is being discriminated against because of the suspicion of racism. My opinion on racism is that it is alive and well in our country, and no race, not even white, is safe.

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