Equality 7-2521 in Anthem - Ayn Rand

Equality 7-2521 in Anthem - Ayn Rand

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In the book Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 had never seen his physical appearance. He was surprised seeing such a strong individual staring at him. One day after escaping into the woods, he finally met himself at a flowing stream and gained new confidence. This was an essential part to the theme of "Anthem." This shows how Equality finally found himself as an "I" in order to help others see themselves as an "I." This is an important part of "Anthem" since it reveals Equality 7-2521's determination, bravery, and development as a person.
In the beginning of Anthem, Equality 7-2521 commits a sin, a sin that everyone knows they are not to perform. Equality 7-2521 broke both rules with a sentence consisting of seven words in his diary. "It is a sin to write this," were his first thoughts. This was the very start of Equality 7-2521's break through development. Luckily for him, he was not caught committing this sin. Equality 7-2521 and International 4-8818 found an underground tunnel. This is where Equality 7-2521 spends a lot of his time thinking for himself, and finding ways to bring his society from everything being "we," to people being able to relate to an "I," like "The Unmentionable Times" unspeakable word.
Equality 7-2521 never gave up, even after the brutal punishment he experienced. Equality 7-2521 seeing his will to fulfill his dreams was another reason he began to trust himself as he saw his reflection for the first time. More ideas flowed through Equality 7-2521's head with interest of the "Unmentionable Times. "And when we put our wires to this box, when we closed the current – the wire glowed! It came to life, it turned red, and a circle of light lay on the stone before us." Equality 7-2521 discovered the secret of the light bulb made in the "Unmentionable Times." This was illegal since no one was to reference that time, much less try to recreate it. This was Equality 7-2521's purpose in changing the world so everyone could be free and live the life they want to live. The creation of the light bulb was more than just an object, but it was apart of his body. "For this wire is as a part of our body, as a vein torn from us, glowing with our blood.

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More comfortable with himself in making his own choices, he decided to continue pursuing his goal in meeting the World Council of Scholars. "It was easy to escape from the Palace of Corrective Detention. The locks are old on the doors and there are no guards about. There is no reason to have guards, for men have never defied the councils…" Equality 7-2521 broke the laws again in escaping from The Palace of Corrective Detention. He is determined to submit his ideas to The World Council of Scholars. Equality 7-2521 was willing to do anything including breaking more laws. This shows his determination of becoming a scholar, and to be recognized by others for his talents. He pushed his determination to another limit with the World Council. "All the heads of the Council turned to us as we entered. These great and wise of the earth did not know what to think of us, and they looked upon us with wonder and curiosity, as if we were a miracle." Equality 7-2521 just walked into the room where the World Scholars were holding their meeting. He showed them his discovery of the light bulb. This frightened the council members. They were not pleased that Equality 7-2521 broke a lot of laws of their time. "…we have much to say to a wretch who have broken all the laws and who boast of their infamy!" With this, Equality 7-2521 had to run for it. He ran into the woods to never return, but was joined by the presence of "The Golden One." "The Golden One" had Equality 7-2521's same mentality of making their world into a "we" and an "I" society.
Equality 7-2521 throughout "Anthem" showed a lot of bravery to do the things he did. Looking at himself in the river, he sees how strong he was. He sees that ordinary people of his time did not have the courage he had to take that extra step in changing their world. He could trust himself to do this. Equality 7-2521 developed little by little. He started with breaking small laws, to bigger ones so he can change the world like that of the Unmentionable Times. He sees his own development looking at his reflection and realizes that anyone can do the things he did to accomplish an individual goal.
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