Equality Among People Still has a Long Way to Go in Society Essay

Equality Among People Still has a Long Way to Go in Society Essay

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“We are all equal.” A simple and consistent phrase that reverberates throughout school systems and life alike. And while many people stand by it, can one really say the way society exists accurately portrays this concept? Hate crimes run rampant, minorities continue to be marginalized, the wage gap, despite common belief, marches on even today, and in history classes across the nation, the struggles of people of color are reduced and minimized to make way for white heroes. If one believes this is a world of equality, its true definition must have been viciously warped. While times have improved for women, queers, and people of color, one cannot exactly say it is an ideal culture yet. This is where feminism comes into play, but feminism of a specific kind. Intersectional feminism is the herald of change and true equality among people.
But what is intersectional feminism? The term intersectional was coined by Kimberle Crenshaw 1989. A strong feminist figure, especially among women of color, Crenshaw examined society and found that, “Cultural patterns of expression are not only, interrelated but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society.” When one compares the discrimination faced by a white straight woman versus a black transwomen, one can clearly see how they face different forms of oppression. While a white straight woman would solely face sexism, a black transwomen would face a combination of bigotry in the forms of racism, sexism, and transphobia. It is not a single force that oppresses women and femininity, but multiple working in tandem. Ava Videl, a writer for the Telegraph, writes, “The main thing intersectionality is trying to do, I would say, is to point out t...

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...rk) Feminism and the ideals of intersectionality are everywhere, and continue to spread. The activism and rallying of the feminist ideals are far from over.
Intersectional feminism is without doubt one of the most important movements of our time. The evaluation of oppression as a whole is finally gaining speed across the globe. Women of color, queer women, and other women who stray from the previous image of white cisgender women feminism common in the previous waves are making their voices heard and coming together. This movement is not simply for women's rights, but for extending the fight for equality to all oppressed peoples. The movement of the intersectionality will change the world, not only for women, but for anyone who has been put down by unfair power structures. Intersectionality is truly a movement set to bring about a better future for tomorrow.

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