Essay about Equal Rights for Adoption

Essay about Equal Rights for Adoption

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What does the word family mean to you? Our current society has many definitions of family that exist beyond the traditional mother-father-child dynamic. With these changes to the modern concept of family has come much controversy. One of these changes is the rise of gay men and lesbian women who are currently raising children or are interested in becoming parents. There has been both legal and social resistance to gay parent adoptions in the United States. However, research has shown no proof that child development is negatively impacted by same-sex parenting; therefore, sexual orientation is not a valid reason to deny adoption.
In particular, the main argument against same-sex parenting is that it adversely affects the outcome of the children involved as compared to children who have married heterosexual parents. “Per a 2007 estimate, over 65,000 adopted children are being raised by gay parents” (Gates, Bagdgett, Macomber, and Chambers 7). The American Psychiatric Association or APA has Discuss studies
As a result, states that bar gay adoption are depriving children their full chance at adoption into loving homes because they are lowering the pool of potential parents. “In 2007, an estimated two million gay men and lesbian women were interested in adopting” (Gates, et. al. 6). Currently, discuss states statuses –

On the other hand, some people dispute the worth of these studies by arguing that divorce laws were loosened in the past with the sentiment that it was unhealthy for children to be in dysfunctional family situations. Later studies showed negative impacts to children of divorce. This argument is flawed because children of adoptive homes and children of divorce are not viable candidates for compariso...

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