Essay on Equal Pay Act And Higher Education

Essay on Equal Pay Act And Higher Education

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It is no hidden secret that there even in today’s day and age there are many companies which have gender gaps in wages and discriminate against women by paying them significantly less than their male counterparts. In news we hear about women fighting for their right to equal pay and trying to break the “glass ceiling” yet companies still continue to treat employees differently based on their sex. One key area in which this is seen as a reoccurring issue is in the higher education sector. There have been many cases of sex discrimination, in the form of a wage difference, through colleges and university across the country. Author Sandra Perry notes, in her article “Equal Pay Act Cases in Higher Education,” the statistics that “Although women’s pay has increased since 1963, women still find that they earn on average only 78 percent of what men earn annually in the United States [2]. Faculty women in higher education similarly earn about 80 percent of what male faculty earn [3, p. 29]” (Perry 21). The fact that there is a difference of 22 percent in the wages is something that cannot be ignored, and the fact the number is different by 2 percent for education faculty compared to the nation is quite disappointing. The thing that is most surprising is that these discriminations are still present even though they directly violate federal laws. A major step in reducing the gender gap was the Equal Pay Act of 1963 passed by Congress. From the Salem Press Encyclopedia entry of “The Equal Pay Act of 1963” author David Paas writes, “Women in the 1960’s represented about 40 percent of the United States labor force. Historically, women in the labor force have earned a median average wage only about three-fifths that of men, and in the 1960’s…T...

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...the form of wage gaps there needs to be a better judicial process. From my understanding, the EPA and Titled VII have set rules and specifications which illustrate the type of wage gaps that need to be corrected yet still we see several corporations discriminating against women. In the case of higher education, I view this issue as very disappointing because anyone with even a high school education can see how sex, and all kinds of discrimination in the workplace, is ethically wrong. I understand that there might be fraud lawsuits and cases but the court system needs to change the process of a wage difference lawsuit in order to make sure that those companies who intend to discriminate are convicted. Congress may need to step in and amend the EPA and Title VII so that the process is made better which can ultimately result in the end of this type of discrimination.

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