Equal Before the Law: The Key to Counter Racism Essays

Equal Before the Law: The Key to Counter Racism Essays

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H. G. Wells once said, “ Our true Nationality, is mankind.” We are all humans regardless of what color, race and culture we are from. We may be different in many ways and our cultures may be a borderline that divides us, but the fact that we are all humans unites us. Racism and ethnic discrimination is a global, social, and environmental issue that over the years has been developed. We fear what we do not understand and the only way that our minds can comprehend it is to hate it, I truthfully consider that’s how racism begun and why it’s increasing over time, hopefully not letting history repeat itself.
Stereotypes have emerged into our society into something bigger; it puts labels on people and creates a concept where our community has classified and labeled people based on appearances. Assuming that a person eats different foods, dresses dissimilar and engages in disparate activities because of their skin color, is a form of racism. Stereotypes are how people perceive ideas and oversimplify observations but when an individual is prejudicing another ethnic group it’s condescending; demeaning an act of superiority. Racism perceptibly includes both prejudice and stereotyping where an individual thinks one race is superior over another. We live in a world where discrimination and different type of bias continue to affect us consequently leading people into fearing their own culture and traditions. Ethnicity is a symbol of pride and gratification and it’s what makes you a person of cultural diversity, and that’s why nobody
should be ashamed of their own traditional values and customs. The key to countering racism is to learn how to appreciate cultural diversity rather than fear indifference.
“ Ignorance and prejudice are the han...

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...ture, or nationality they are from.

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