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Speaking about literature of the XVII-th century, it is hard to avoid speaking about epistolary novel. Epistolary novel or novel in letters is a kind of novel that is a series of letters to one or more characters of this novel. The letter expresses sincere experiences of heroes, reflected their internal evolution. In the scientific literature epistolary novel is traditionally considered any of the articles on epistolary literature or epistolary form, or in the works on the theory and history of the novel. In the first case epistolary novel is described as a form of epistolary literature in general, the second - as a form of existence of the novel, but not as much as novelistic genre. Various novels, written in the form of letters, may be in this case referred to as social and domestic, psychological, sentimental novels, novels of conduct and sentiment, novels of manners, gallantly, adventure, comic novels, epic novels, etc. (Bray 15).
At the forefront lies the problem of identifying the boundaries of the genre and the volume of the concept under consideration, the fixation of its related events and their delimitation from other adjacent, but not similar in fact, as well as the status of correspondence in the literary text.
It is necessary to distinguish the concept of "epistolary novel" of the more common, such as "epistolary literature", "epistolography”, "epistolary fiction", etc., and motivate the need to consider the novel in letters not as a speech form associated with a very different subject, but as a literary genre (Bray 29).
Consideration of the epistolary novel as a distinct genre structure will be appropriate to begin with the functioning in its form letters and correspondence. This main and, at first sight, purely f...

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...the time it was issued. The novel is dedicated to the position of female in society and the consequences which may follow a young girl who does not submit certain rules of conduct. I believe that this novel is a true child of its time and is perfect when seeing it in retrospective. It does not have any original and unique features, it tells one and the same story for numerous times but every time adding something new and more exciting.

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