Epinephrine And Forskolin Effect On The Proliferation Of Mouse Fibroblast Cells

Epinephrine And Forskolin Effect On The Proliferation Of Mouse Fibroblast Cells

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Epinephrine and forskolin effect on the proliferation of mouse fibroblast cells.
Cell culture techniques allow the investigation of cells under different conditions and chemicals for a number of applications: to understand the metabolic activity of the cell, for large scale synthesis of biologicals such as proteins and to test out chemical compounds on specific cell type (Davis, 2011). Therefore the cell culture technique was used throughout this investigation to understand the effect of epinephrine and forskolin on the growth and cell structure of Ltk-cells. Epinephrine is an amino acid Tyrosine derived hormone secreted from the adrenal medulla glands in mammals under the stimulation of the sympathetic preganglionic fibres that can be caused by stress (Rayner and Dean, 2015). This promotes changes in the cell activity as epinephrine binds to the adrenergic receptor proteins within the target cell plasma membrane, resulting in a rapid rise of Ca+2 concentration in the cytoplasm causing a cascade of reactions(Fox, 2011). Resulting in the myocardial cells to contract with more force, stimulate lipolysis in adipose tissue and increase metabolic activity by up to 100% (Sukkar, El-Munshid and Ardaw, 1993). Moreover, in fibroblast cells a decrease in low density lipoprotein uptake and a lower level of cholesterol synthesis from sodium acetate is observed. This is linked to the higher level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate concentration in cells that is caused by the presence of epinephrine (Maziere, Mora and Gardetta, 1985). In contrast, forskolin is an organic diterpene compound derived from the Coleus forskohli root. Used to treat various medical conditions such as heart failure, asthma, glaucoma and cancer. Research h...

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...ine and forskolin on ltk cells. For example, a larger range of concentrations will be used for both agents. A higher/lower concentration may affect the ltk cells differently providing a further insight on the functions and mode of action of the substances. Furthermore, large range of results can be expressed on a line graph to show the precise relationship between the concentration and cell confluency. In addition, different growth mediums will also be used for an unbiased investigation.
In conclusion, the effect of epinephrine and forskolin on mouse fibroblast cells was understood to be cytotoxic. However, various hypothesis can now be made for why these agents had the specific effect. Therefore, further investigations are required without the errors stated and the method changes implemented to determine the mechanism of action of these substances on the ltk- cells.

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