Epidemiology And Infection Control Of Hiv / Aids And Emerging Diseases Essay

Epidemiology And Infection Control Of Hiv / Aids And Emerging Diseases Essay

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Epidemiology and Infection Control in HIV/AIDS and Emerging Diseases in Russia
HIV - NH-817-DL-14FA
Evgeniya Larionova
MGH Institute Of Health Professions

1. Brief History of Russia
In the 9th century different Slavic tribes inhabited Russia. The Vikings assimilated into Russian society making Slavic tribes to adopt their language and customs. The Russians became very powerful nations. When Russia was ruled by Ivan III (1462-1505) he conquered many affluent cities and considerably expanded its territory. In the 16th century Ivan the Terrible inherited the throne of Russia. He formed a private army and was crowned Tsar. He was a tyrant and killed everyone he suspected of being an enemy. He lost some of the territories belonged to Russia and eventually was killed. When Boris Godunov took the throne Russia suffered famine 1601-1603. In the late 17th century Russia made a trade treaty with China and various new laws became effective. Russia in the 18th century entered many wars. A new Tsar Peter the Great was very successful and respected figure in the world. Russia gained lots of new territories: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Peter the Great founded the Russian Academy of Sciences and continued to expand Russian territories. In 1783 Russia took Crimea and defeated the Turks. Russia in the 19th century underwent significant changes in legislation. It was the era of industrial revolution and agricultural progress. Building of the trans-Siberian railway had a significant impact on foreign trade policy. Russia in the 20th century suffered many revolutions. The Tsarist regime collapsed. The Bolsheviks and their leader Lenin started the Civil War. After Lenin’s death Stalin took powe...

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...trials research, develop new guidelines and efficient strategies, work on new drug trials (CDC, 2013).


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