The Epidemic Of Vaccine ( Vaccination ) Essay

The Epidemic Of Vaccine ( Vaccination ) Essay

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Vaccine (vaccination) is an immunization that helps fight off infectious pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. One vaccine that Americans receive is the influenza vaccine. It is stated that 20,000 Americans receive this vaccine every year. Everyone from infants to seniors should be vaccinated each year. People with Guillairr Barr syndrome, one who has had an allergic reaction to a dose of vaccine, people who are allergic to eggs (eggs are made in the vaccines), and a baby younger than 6 months, are the ONLY ones who can’t and are unable to receive the influenza vaccine. So, a person may feel like because, they never became sick or had the flu that there is no need for them to get vaccinated. This is simply not the case. Many healthy people or unhealthy people who feel they don’t need it do need to have this shot done because the side effects if not treated could be fatal. Cough fatigue, high fevers, and muscle aches are all some of the fatal symptoms that transpire. Being vaccinated every year around mid-October-November is the best time to receive the shot.
Another vaccine people don’t really use or know about is the HPV vaccine (human papillomavirus). It is an infection that is sexually transmitted and can cause cervical cancer. Each year, 79 million Americans are already infected with a virus disease but, only 14 million of them will end up developing it. Men and women who are sexually active (19,000 women and 9,000 men) will have HPV at some point without the HPV vaccine. The vaccine is so important because, most Americans do not get regular yearly checkups. The vaccine is an important part in their health and prevents them from not developing cancer later on in their lifetime. The smallest infectious microbes that sci...

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...ys to the placenta. After a few days of life, the breast milk fed to the baby becomes health for the child’s development of their immune system and they are not allowed a vaccine until after they are 6 months of age. The breast milk a mother ingest into her child has antibodies or “colostrum” as they describe it, helps fight off any cold, fever, or ear infections the child may have later on in months after life.
Physicians highly recommend a mother’s milk for this sole purpose. After 6 months, a parent should make sure that their child has all their vaccines to prevent disease. If not, they are allowing their child to become infected. Vaccinations play a very significant role in our life. They help prevent illness and avoid our bodies from harmful deadly disease. I believe every human being should get a vaccine if they care about themselves and their well-being.

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