Essay on The Epidemic of Poverty and World Hunger

Essay on The Epidemic of Poverty and World Hunger

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Remember those days when you come home when your mom is not home and you are hungry but there is nothing to eat? Or just when you are just plain out starving? Well imagine having that feeling everyday of your life, this is how people who live in poverty feel everyday. Think how you would feel if you saw a loved one die right before your eyes and you know there is nothing you can do to help them, maybe this happened to a child whose mother had to watch. It would always be in her memories haunting her for the rest of her life. Poverty and world hunger are major epidemics in the world today, we must increase public awareness. I think that this problem will only worsen over the years unless we as people do something. When you really think about how the poor lives it makes you want to appreciate what you have a little bit more, at least for me it does. Almost half of the world live in poverty, three billion people live on less that three dollars a day, 80% of the whole worlds population live on less than ten dollars a day, that is almost three quarters of the world. 40% of the world live on five percent of the global income. then there is the wealthiest twenty percent of the world that lives on 40 percent of the global income. UNICEF states that 22,000 children die due to poverty related reasons, When I say poverty related reasons I mean starvation, Malnutrition, Dehydration, Malaria , and other diseases. Most of the children die in the poorest villages of the world, The one that no one hears about on the news. Being weak makes these deaths even more than discreet than they already are. The most Regions that are in poverty and have the highest starvation rate are South Asia And the Sub- Saharan Africa. If this pattern continues, t...

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...orked At the Goldman Sachs and the World Bank, has joined Easterly with her new book Dead aid, they both argue that aid does more harm than help. There are some amazingly generous people out there one of these people go by Heifer, Susan Sarandon Traveled to Cambodia to see Heifers work in person,She was watching as he worked for the passing Gift Ceremony where families who are able to get food, give their female livestock offspring to the poor. Susan Says that it was a heart moving experience. Poverty and world hunger are major epidemics in the world and we must increase public awareness. hundreds of thousands are dying every day from diseases, and starvation. We as human beings must help one another, because they are suffering we must be aware of what is right in front of our eyes. the death toll from starvation is astonishing. It makes me appreciate what I have.

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