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The Epidemic Of North America Essay examples

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North America is seeing a rise in death due to obesity in recent years. In America alone, 300 000 individuals die of obesity per year and is the second leading cause of preventable death. A large number of health issues arise from being overweight and obese such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Health risks are not the only reason for people to strive to lose weight, the idea of having a lean, muscular, and fit body considered attractive by the media have also driven fat people to take active steps towards weight loss. When people see advertisements like "lose 10 pounds in 10 days" or "25 pounds in only two weeks" makes their hearts skip a beat at the possibility of dropping pounds without any pain or bother. These advertisements target people self conscious of their weight or merely insecure individuals who are uncomfortable of with their size. For a large number of obese and overweight people, a new trend is emerging that promises quick and easy weight loss, fad diets. Fad Diets are not the quick and easy fixes to weight problems that they may seem to be, in fact, they are often costly, ineffective, and even dangerous.

Fad diets, in fact, cost a great deal of money not only for the consumer but also in its production and advertisement. There are a large number of diets that involve purchasing pills or unusual commodities. A study in 2013 reported that $ 109-million dollars is spent each day on purchase of fad diet products. One of the most popular form of fad dieting is solid food intake and it requires one to eat an excessive amount of one food. The subway diet is an example of a diet where Jared Fogel, a subway spokesperson, claimed to have lost weight by only eating subway sandwiches. This diet, however, will drain ...

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... fat. Muscle is heavier than fat and it is easier to lose. This only a short-term success in weight loss as losing muscle mass can make it challenging to lose weight in the long run. Claims such as "lose weight and keep it off without giving up "fatty" foods or exercising" which is obviously false are predominant in advertisements of fad diets. The Atkins diet, for example, encourages the over consumption of meat while fruits and vegetables are banned. This does not make sense. To lose weight, there needs to be a low calorie intake and a healthy balance between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Along with a healthy diet to lessen calorie consumption, exercise is also essential to develop muscles that is needed to burn calories. When losing weight self control is important and bad habits like over eating needs to be stopped and not used as a method of losing weight.

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