The Epidemic Of New Infectious Diseases Essay

The Epidemic Of New Infectious Diseases Essay

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One health is a concept of bringing together human, animal, and environmental health. That is a further step of the control of infectious disease. Over three decades, epidemic of new infectious diseases has occurred more often. Many unknown diseases such as Lyme disease, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Nipah virus disease, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) were not isolated before 1982. Moreover, growth rate of antibiotic resistance and re-emerging infectious diseases such as rabies and food-borne diseases are occurring nowadays. Where do these diseases come from? How can they be detected early? The answers are in the One Health which is a prevention strategy. In this report, it will be highlighted a brief explanation of One Health and zoonotic diseases including an example.

What is One Health?
There have been several definitions of One Health since it was introduced. In the past, it was mainly about the interdependence of human, animal and environmental health. Then, it has included other aspects such as food security and poverty because these have effects on health. According to Miller et al (in Hasler et al., 2014), “One Health is a concept that addresses complex challenges to promote the health and well-being of all species through the integration of relevant sciences at the systems level.” As Bidaisee and Macpherson (2013) report, zoonotic diseases account for about 75 percent of new emerging infectious disease in human population. That means these diseases might be transmitted to human population from their natural hosts. Over 30 years, they have mutated crosses the species barrier to humans as a result of the increasing interconnection of humans on animals and animal products. Atlas and his colleag...

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...nd innovative solutions to health problems. ”
(Rabinowitz and Conti 2010)
In the UK, According to Shakeseare (2009), the Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance (HAIRS) organises regularly communications between members who are from both human and animal-medical background. Their communication is to share information of zoonotic infections which may threaten public health in the UK. They also examine on reports of infectious incidents in both human and animal population. Moreover, they report potential infections in the Infectious: Disease Surveillance and Monitoring System for Animal and Human Health: Summary of notable events/incidents of public health significance which is published monthly. Similarly, in the USA, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitors emerging diseases and provides advice on surveillance, treatment and epidemiology.

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