The Epidemic Of Homelessness Today America Essay

The Epidemic Of Homelessness Today America Essay

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The Epidemic of Homelessness in America
Imagine the limitations of providing adequate housing for you, and your family while living paycheck to paycheck. Where a sick day, or the cut back of hours at work could leave you with the inability to pay rent. Unfortunately, this is a hardship that millions of Americans who live below the poverty line have to face. Now, imagine someone suffering with mental illness, or drug addiction on their own, who are obviously in desperate need for the resources that could enable them to become functional in society. Instead, time again they are left to wonder the streets without any hope insight. Finally, imagine a starving student with little to no income, and no family support, still trying to get the education that is necessary in order for them to live a successful life, while having to worry about where they might sleep at night. These are the dilemmas people who face homelessness may experience, showing that living below the poverty line, lack of affordable housing, and mental illness are the leading causes of homelessness in America, and with no adequate public assistance, or real-time solutions in sight this epidemic will continue.
First, limited wage growth, the rise of unemployment, decline in public assistance, and the rise of housing prices leaves those living below the poverty line in a state of hopelessness, where facing homelessness is only one small push away. See, realistically paying for housing when the hourly wage is lower than the housing wage is impossible. “The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates that the 2013 Housing Wage is $18.79, exceeding the $14.32 hourly wage earned by the average renter by almost $4.50 an hour, and greatly exceeding wages earned by lo...

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...vercome, and finally find the stable housing needed to become a working part of society again. Moreover, until policy changes occur, and poverty is gone homelessness in America will continue. The only way to stop it from continuing is for Americans to wake-up, and realize that dealing with homelessness is an issue, not just something a person asks for by their own actions in life. In fact, sadly many become, and remain homeless because of circumstances that were beyond their control. So, next time you see a homeless person does not judge, but look within, and be thankful you did not have to face such a dire situation so far in your lifetime. Lastly, remember the millions of people in America tonight who will not have a place to call home, let alone a bed to sleep in, and think about what you and your community can do to help end the homelessness epidemic in America.

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