The Epidemic Of Child Obesity Essay

The Epidemic Of Child Obesity Essay

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HIV/Aids have been a one of the most well-known epidemics we constantly hear about, as well as the more recent Ebola epidemic. Child obesity lives in the shadow of those sudden epidemics that later died down but has evolved tremendously all over the world, not just in America. It has become a growing epidemic. For example, the epidemic of child obesity in America is a very “complex problem that likely has physiology, environmental, and cultural dimensions, demands attention to both medicine and culture from any scholar who aims to provide a deep understanding of how the disease at the heart of the epidemic has come to be defined and treated” (517). This epidemic is no less serious than HIV/Aids or Ebola. It is an issue that is known to cause several diseases and health issues that could possibly lead to death. There have been many studies about child obesity spreading. With these studies, researchers are finding ways to help decrease the number of children affected by obesity, but there are many factors that play into it. Can this research be the next step to ending childhood obesity?
Literature Review
America is not the only country that has dealt with high childhood obesity rates. Australia is failing as well when it comes to the healthiness of their children. Exploring Service Providers ' Perspectives in Improving Childhood Obesity Prevention among CALD Communities in Victoria, Australia states that “obesity is currently the second highest contributor to the burden of disease in Australia” (Cyril 2). Their numbers are growing in child obesity based on research, they are struggling, “obesity in children rose from 25.7% in 2011-12 to 27.4% in 2014-15” (Cyril 2). This proves that there is a significant lack of progr...

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...mission who pointed out who they believed to be the problem.
Preliminary Analysis
Childhood obesity is a key problem we face as a society. This is an epidemic that has been spreading worldwide for centuries with few signs of slowing down. An increasingly amount of people are dying each year due to health risks caused by this issue in particular. Berks medical community’s response made a great point when stating bad habits play a pivotal role in the obesity rate. Childhood obesity is a way more complex problem than what many people may tend to think. It has so much factors involved for example physiology and medicine.
Year after year millions of people are diagnosed with deadly health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes because of childhood obesity. This is an epidemic we must continue to work towards resolving before more lives are lost.

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