The Epic The Iliad Written By 800-700bce Displays A War Between The Trojans And The Greeks

The Epic The Iliad Written By 800-700bce Displays A War Between The Trojans And The Greeks

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Homer 's epic The Iliad written in 800-700BCE displays a war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Achilles and Hector are two of the main characters in the poem who are caught in this war. Hector is on the Trojan side and Achilles is a part of the Greek army. In the poem Homer uses rage to uproot the fate of both men and also included the God’s as the story is being told. “In the Absence of God, fate becomes the agent of retribution. Hector has to pay for Patroclus’ inglorious death, just as Achilles, later on will pay for the death of Hector” (Bespaloff 43). With this being said fate works in its own favor and time for these things to happen, regardless if the characters try to adjust this. Despite similarities as great warriors, the pair differ immensely in personal inspiration as illustrated best by examining the motivation for each fight. Both Hector and Achilles fought for different reasons. The Greeks are fighting the Trojans for Agamemnon’s sister in law, Helen, because Priam’s son Paris ran away with her. This caused Achilles mother Thetis to send him on a ship to fight the Trojans and he then became a part of the whole war. Hector, however is fighting to protect his family These characters have many similarities and differences that were portrayed throughout the poem.
Both Achilles and Hector displayed dynamic characteristics throughout the poem which made them similar and differ in some ways. In the poem, there are two value systems portrayed: value system of warfare and the value system of domesticity. Achilles and Hector both displayed the way they were trapped between both the value system of warfare and domesticity. Although they represented both value systems they started off with just one. Achilles was a part ...

... middle of paper ... If I stay here and fight, I’ll never return home, But my glory will be undying forever. If I return home to my dear fatherland My glory is lost, but my life will be long”(225). By looking at this we can see that Thetis made Achilles believe he was given a double fate which was really not the case. It is understood why she did this, no mother would inform their child that they have no say on what will happen to them and regardless of their choice they will die. No mother would want to see their child unhappy, which will most likely happen after learning they are fated to die. Achilles was given the impression that he had an option of choosing what he would have wanted his fate to be. He could either live a life of a great warrior who will eventually be killed and receive glory forever or he could go to his homeland losing glory but receiving a longer life.

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