The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Homer Iliad Essay

The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Homer Iliad Essay

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“Mother-Son Bond”

The Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer Iliad are intriguing stories that reveals about mother and the heroic sons relationships which consists: support, guidance, and a strong bond.

Achilles from the Homer Iliad reveals his feelings of sorrow to his mother:

“He raised his hands in prayer to his immortal mother, “Mother”, he cried, “you bore me doomed to live but for a little season; surely Jove, who thunders from Olympus, might have made that little glorious. It is not so. Agamemnon, son of Atreus, has done me dishonour, and has robbed me of my prize by force” (Iliad 1:31).

Achilles is angry because of Agamemon’s request of capturing a woman name Briseis. He begins to cry as he sat on the shore and Mother Thetis hears him. Meanwhile, she makes her way towards Achilles. She asks why are tears flowing from his face, consoles him with her warm gestures, but also lets Achilles know they will make it together. Mother Thetis is showing support towards her son that she loves dearly. Since Mother Thetis has listens to Achilles response to his weeping, she decides to go to Olympus and talk to Father Jove in prayer. She is hoping this will be a solution to Achilles sorrow towards Agamemnon. This response relates to her son:

“My son, woe is me that I should have borne or suckled you. Would indeed that you had lived your spam free from all sorrow at your ships, for it is all too brief” (Iliad 1:36).

As for Gilgamesh and Mother Ninsun, she symbolizes Enkidu as an “axe” in Gilgamesh’s dream. Gilgamesh has no idea the “axe” is being reveal to him as Enkidu which he will become Gilgamesh’s right-hand companion for support. This is a mother who has ultimately shown and given her son, Gilgamesh, support when it comes to...

... middle of paper ...

...rong-mind, but Mother Thetis tries to encourage her son with the accustom knowledge she knows. Gilgamesh’s mother is independent and values the bonding in the relationship. However, Mother Thetis bonding with her son should be more dependable so she is able to have a better insight to Achilles’ emotions so he will not feel helpless. Mother Thetis may also feel that she cannot get many things accomplish for her son.

Gilgamesh mother teaches him to be a great conqueror in anything he pursues. The other women that are in the story he only uses for pleasure which he lacks compassion, respect, and conduct. Achilles’ mother teaches him he should retaliate in honor if his possession is taken. Mother Thetis teachings involve respect and honor as a great man. The support, guidance, and strong bond from a mother are what make Achilles and Gilgamesh a great warrior.

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