Essay on Ephesians And The Church Of Ephesians

Essay on Ephesians And The Church Of Ephesians

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Ephesians is just one of the thirteen letters of Pauline theology and the most general of them all. In this epistle, the church of Ephesians is presented and celebrated as the body and bride of Christ (Longenecker & Still, 2014). Throughout the letter it expresses gratitude, reassures, and comforts the Ephesians during Paul’s imprisonment. The book was written in order to encourage God’s people to continue living the way God intended no matter what they may hear or see that would convince them otherwise. However the controversy is whether or not Paul from Tarus actually wrote the book of Ephesians and if he did not, is the letter reliable as a Pauline document. Who was Paul and did he write the letter to Ephesus?
Paul was a Jewish man that was born in Tarus but had dual citizenship as a Roman citizen possibly due to his father’s Roman citizenship (Longenecker & Still, 2014). He was a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin (Romans 11:1) and a devoted Pharisee that had permission to persecute any Jesus followers he came in contact with. It wasn’t until Paul, also known as Saul, had an encounter with Christ that completely changed his perspective on Jesus followers. Although many call this change a conversion from Judaism to Christianity, Paul describes his encounter as a call (Longenecker & Still, 2014). He did not see himself turning away from his God of Israel but having a call to proclaim the Gospel to the Gentiles (Longenecker & Still, 2014 & Gal. 1:15). Until years after the resurrection Christianity did not exist, it was simply a branch of Judaism. Jesus was the founder or this sect of Judaism but Paul defines the identitly of Christianity (Dunn, 2011).
Many speculate that the letter to Ephesus was pseudonymously written even though...

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... 2014).
To conclude the research of the letter of Ephesians, it is only reasonable to understand that the author of the epistle may never be determined. Whether the decision is made that Paul did or did not write the letter, it is still known as a Pauline document and corresponds to Paul’s teachings. If Paul had written Ephesians he had a refreshed thought to issues that he had addressed prior (Longenecker & Still, 2014). A student of Paul’s could have written the letter. However, it is safe to say that the letter to Ephesus is indeed of Pauline theology. Paul’s call was to spread the news of how Gentiles could now inherit the kingdom of God just the same as the Jews. The main purpose of Ephesians is to encourage the non-Jewish believers that they have the same gift from God as God’s chosen people (the Jews) and that in itself is why Ephesians is considered Pauline.

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