Essay Envy Changes Self Identity

Essay Envy Changes Self Identity

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Enviousness changes Self Identity
The worst evil in the United States is envy. People have envy as a child especially when coming from poverty, neglect, and relationships. As children grow older, they tend to make criminal acts. This also affects people in their career and future relationships which make it difficult to figure out there identity to see the real them or the actual person they should be.
If you were a child and didn’t have materials your friends had, you might have become enviousness towards them. This usually happens during the teen years because the fact that teen likes to impress their peers and have attention, in other words “show-off”. You might have been in poverty and not being able to afford such materials as your classmates. These people in poverty might have used the same, ripped clothes and shoes and will eventually get embarrassed if noticeable from a classmate. People in poverty grow differently than in a higher class. Some become criminals and steal what is possible. According to a Nation magazine article, the U.S government would like the Americans to believe that they are hated by Muslim terrorists because they envy people’s way of life. ("Shaking the Kingdom" 3). Unable to figure who you are and knowing you come from poverty, get confusing. (Moldawsky) This actually gets the criminals confused as ask themselves, “Is this really me? Is this who I want to be? Did I just commit a crime? Did I even want that object or material?” This all makes sense and if you look up criminals and there records, you may get the information of their background and it will lead to why they committed this crim. It would be due to how poor that person might have been and the jealousy of others.
A childhood tra...

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...tates but as well to the whole world. As children grow older, they should be taught not to be covetousness towards others and learn how to appreciate what they have. They should not focus of what they don’t. Poverty, neglect, and relationships will cause enviousness. All you have to do is be careful on how to handle it.

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