Environmental Sustainability Problems for the Chesapeake Bay Region Essay

Environmental Sustainability Problems for the Chesapeake Bay Region Essay

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Hampton Roads, Virginia is known by most heavyweight, enthusiastic tourists as a great vacation attraction for the entire family. The associated water area has a wide channel through which the tributary waters of the James River, Nansemond River, and Elizabeth River pass through extensive natural areas to flow into the Chesapeake Bay and continuing into the Atlantic Ocean with over 26 total miles of associated beaches.
The Chesapeake Bay ecosystem sustains the many complex relationships that exist with the organisms and inhabitants among the very large living resources of the Bay watershed region to include over 3,600 total species, with 348 finfish, 173 shellfish and 2,700 varieties plants. The wide range of environments that are all inclusive, the land and lower lying wetland areas, the over 200 miles of open water from seawater to freshwater with high traffic waterways and the open air are all part of the surroundings that create such a unique ecosystem that is abundant with life. The region holds the largest fresh groundwater aquifers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While receiving about half its water volume from the Atlantic Ocean, the other half drains into the Bay from an enormous 64,000 square-mile drainage watershed, which includes parts of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and the entire District of Columbia. The associated proximate land area is more often referred to as Tidewater and is geographically divided into 2 smaller regions: the eastern portion of the Virginia Peninsula (locally known as "the Peninsula") and South Hampton Roads (locally known as "the Southside") (Glick, Staudt, & Nunley, 2008).
The Chesapeake Bay is the geological result of the last Ice Age...

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