Environmental Sustainability For A Sustainable Future Essay

Environmental Sustainability For A Sustainable Future Essay

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The future, it seems so far off; depending on one’s perspective, it is a week, a month or years. The future, from an environmental perspective is now. Changing behaviour in the present will set the world up for a better future. Understanding sustainability and what it means to be eco-literate is seemingly hard for some, which begs the question, when should ecologising education begin? This essay aims to summarise the extent of educating for a sustainable future and analyse how relevant it is. The concept of ecological literacy is explored along with its benefits and limitations. This essay was written from the viewpoint that everyone has a role in moving towards sustainability, beginning as early as early childhood.

Ecological approaches to environmental sustainability aim to educate society on what sustainability involves. It has been recognised that understanding of the issue is basic. For living patterns to be sustained society must anticipate the consequences of their living choices, visualise the future and be confident in taking steps that are imperative to achieve healthy environments that sustain life (McMichael, 2006). A number of reports and proposals have been implemented and some progress made, though, these initiatives are overshadowed by the extent of the problem. New approaches reflect an understanding that humanity can no longer have a complacent attitude towards the conservation of all life and its needs; society must be armed to respond (Stuhmcke, 2012). To protect the natural environment, knowledge through education is the key. Sustainable living will not be achieved by government agreements, financial incentives or technology alone. Every individual and broader society can only achieve fundamental solutions ...

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...y. Education would then be the foundation for changing negative assumptions and creating a society that is equipped with the knowledge and motivation so they can make decisions for a better world (Hallett et al., 2013).

If given the opportunities, children have the character to be in tune with nature. Knowledge, skills and integrity will take them in the direction of building a sustainable world. It is quite clear that ecologising education now and in the future is the only way to ensure thinking and behaviour reflect a deep respect for all living things. Given the state of the world it is no longer enough to simply know about environmental issues; education must enable society to act on it. Sustainability must begin in early childhood education and education must place sustainability into its practices so as it can assist the adjustment of living sustainably.

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