Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability And Social Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability And Social Sustainability

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Every living thing is connected. Caught in a circle of cause and effect that is constant and continuous. Creating, helping, breaking, and using each other; doing so to the point where it is no longer sustainable, and we, as a human species, must search for a new way to live our lives in a manner where we no longer take more than we give, to live sustainably. Sustainability is society’s ability to support the quality of life indefinitely. It can also be defined using three pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, and Social Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability aims to limit the amount of resources used so their use can be continued indefinitely. Economic Sustainability is to support a level of production indefinitely. Lastly, Social Sustainability is to maintain society’s level of wellbeing indefinitely (thwink.org, “Sustainability,” 2014). Unfortunately, the majority of the human population, including myself, is failing to live sustainably. This is proven through the fact that, according to Erik Assadourian, humanity uses the resources equivalent to that of 1.3 Earths (Assadourian, 2010, p.4). This is due, as Assadourian claims, in large part to our culture of consumerism. Due to a culture that finds satisfaction in technology and objects, rather than experiences. Our culture has led us to lead unsustainable lives and practices, such as the usage of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals in the meat production industry. I am aware that our culture is unsustainable, and that we as a human race are taking advantage of our planet. I believe we have a responsibility to make an effort to live more sustainable lives, for the sake of our planet, and for future generations to have a better life, which is why I am g...

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... keeps his water use to a minimum. He usually just eats whatever he finds appetizing at the Dining Commons on campus, and because of this he doesn’t have much control in his options for food. I do agree with him in the fact that because we are students it is slightly more difficult to make changes as we still don’t have total control over our lives, such as where we live and what food is available to us. However, I do think that little things, such as what I mentioned previously, matter, this is where I disagree with him, I do think that there are still changes we can make to live a more sustainable life, and that we should attempt to make these changes.
Change can be difficult to make, however, I believe it is more important than ever before to make changes to ourselves, and society, to be more sustainable, so we can secure our future for this planet indefinitely.

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