Environmental Sustainability And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

Environmental Sustainability And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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This is a resource that clearly shows how long waste takes to break down. Using a large fish tank and dirt, sectioned into various layers of waste. The waste items chosen should be ones that the children can make connections to. For example, paper towel, paper, food wrappers, plastic drink containers, and include organic litter such as fruit peels. Making connections with what they do to contribute to environmental sustainability will allow for reflection on change and motivate them to make better decisions (Hallett et al., 2013). The resource is also divided horizontally to show how litter degradability depends on the climate (Department of Environment and Conservation, 2011). To make each section clear, they are defined using cardboard and labels are placed down the front of the tank showing what is in each section. Pictures are included on labels for early childhood students.

The resource is constructed using a fish tank, cardboard, dirt, and waste items. It is heavy, therefore, it comes on a trolley with lockable wheels, and is height adjustable. This will reduce the likeliness of children climbing on the trolley for a better view. Being able to move it allows students to take their investigating in the direction they want. For example, they may decide to explore if the sun has any effect on the decomposition or outside to see if fresh air changes anything.

Certainly, if the tank ended up in landfill it would harm the environment as glass takes up to two million years to break down (Department of Environment and Conservation, 2011). However, it can be recycled for other projects, displays or classroom pets. Recycling the tank over and over, and emphasising this each time will model the values and citizenship objectives t...

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...that allows the students to construct their own meaning together without thoughts being prompted by the teacher (Reinhart, 2000). Sustainability education aims to make students pro-active in the goal for change (Stuhmck, 2012). The before and after strategy where students identify their beliefs and attitudes at the start of the experience and at the end of the 6 week period. Then in pairs or groups they share any changes (Arthur, 2012). Students will engage in critical reflection on their perspectives. Transformative learning theory states that through reflecting on their assumptions and beliefs people change their understanding of their self. Situations trigger changes in belief systems and behaviour (Thomas, 2010).

• information books
• lab coats
• clip boards
• pencils/paper
• plastic fruit and vegetables
• real food packaging and washed containers

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