Essay on Environmental Sustainability And Global Warming

Essay on Environmental Sustainability And Global Warming

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Environmental pollution has always remained a serious problem in society today. Our planet is often being polluted by many toxins that are not only deadly to us, but our wildlife too. Environmental pollution leads to air pollution, environmental crisis, and global warming. Now there are many different ways that can help these topics be preventable. People need to understand what environmental sustainability truly is. Learning environmental sustainability will give people the tools and knowledge to help sustain our planet before it is too late. Planet earth is our home and people need to understand the damage being done to it. Understanding these important key factors will lead our planet to become healthier and a better place for life to live.
People have to start off understanding what environmental sustainability means. Allie Sibole author of, The Ethics of Sustainability: Why Should We Care?, shares a perfect example, “Sustainability is a moral response to an incredible gift” (Sibole 1). What she explains is, our planet is the beloved gift. People need to not take advantage of planet earth and treat it with respect. Without our planet, there would not be any way of possible life. Cherish the planet that we are blessed with and make it a better place to live. We have very limited resources on our planet and they need to be used correctly and proportionately. Another important thing is, people have to take the responsibility of sharing this important information and stay quiet about it. That is the only way the environmental sustainability will kick into full gear and get going.
The first way that can help environmental sustainability is understanding environmental ethics. Keith Douglas Warner with David Decosse authors of Thi...

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...hat Americans are confused by food-packaging health claims” (Ford 1). When Americans are confused about what they are buying it really hurts the environment. The reason why is, Americans buy, but do not know what they are buying. Some products use much more of our environments resources than others. For example, if one were to buy something organically made, then that would be a better decision. Because it does not have all the extra crap that non organic food has. When something is made organic, it has the least amount of extras added to keep it fresh. Organic food could be better for the environment.
Environmental sustainability has not really been a huge deal to people. People not knowing how to recycle or the major causes of air pollution is unnatural. The word of environmental sustainability needs to be spread so that our planet can be healthier and so can we.

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