Environmental Significance Of The River Ganges Essay

Environmental Significance Of The River Ganges Essay

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The river Ganges is one of the largest rivers in the world. It is considered to be one of the holy rivers and it has important cultural significance. It flows through India and Bangladesh. There is a huge population alongside parts of the Ganges. As a result of industrial revolution and with the growth of industries, the Ganges River is one of the world’s most populated rivers. The river helps many people by supplying them water for bathing, drinking, etc. Pollution of the River Ganges is caused by many sources, but this proposal focuses on tannery effluents and sewage pollution. Tannery means a place where animal hides are tanned.
First, let’s see how tannery effluents cause pollution. A collective study by Nagpure, Srivastava, Kumar, Dabas, Kushwaha, & Kumar (2015) tells us how tannery effluents cause pollution. They checked the mutagenicity and bioaccumulative aspects of tannery effluents in different aquatic animals like freshwater murrel, etc. “The results showed that there is higher micronuclei instigation, atomic irregularities and % tail DNA was seen (ibid.)” (Nagpure and other writers, 2015). The discovery of the present examination demonstrated pollution in the Ganges due to tannery effluents.
According to Govt plans strict action against factories polluting Ganga(2015), “The government has planned strict action against the factories that are polluting. The government has installed censor device in 190 factories, which will record and observe the pollution level”. “The Human health is affected the most due to the pollution by tanneries. The people living along the Ganges frequently suffer from different kind of diseases. Due to the pollutants that enter the Ganges fish and other aquatic creatures are dyi...

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...eople of India consider the Ganges as a holy river, and by the growth of industries, sewage pollution and religious activities, the holy river is transformed into a deadly river. The government has implemented various plans to make the river clean. For the plans to be applied properly the people living near the Ganges River and the industries situated near the river need to co-operate with the government. We can also reduce pollution by preventing all the wastewater starting with industrial waste from mixing with water of the Ganges. Such wastewater needs to be prevented along the heavily polluted cities like Kanpur, etc. In Kanpur and similar cities, water conservation and water resource management method should be promoted. Also by spreading mass awareness campaigns, people will help not only to stop pollution, but also to become an active member of the solution.

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