Environmental Science And Natural Resources Essay

Environmental Science And Natural Resources Essay

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The World Is Not Passed Saving, We Just Need More People to Care
The end is not coming in a giant tidal wave, nor is it coming with massive fire. There will be no zombies, and there will be no mass explosion. The end is coming in increased carbon dioxide levels and slowly melting ice caps. Its coming in habitat destruction and human greed. Its end is almost here or maybe it is already here. But one this is for certain, the world needs people to care about the environment and the impact that humans are having on the environment.
Before I came here I went to a vocational high school based on agriculture. Whilst there were many choices in what I could major in, I ended up majoring in Environmental Science and Natural Resources because of my passion for conservation. I spent four years looking into conservation methods, techniques, and research so that I could graduate. Whilst academics were important, we primarily spent time focusing on courses geared towards the major we choose in junior year.
Sustainability issues were extremely prevalent in my high school education as my major revolved around conservation within the Plant Science Department. In my junior year, I was able to have an internship with the Arnold Arboretum, and that internship grew my understanding of conservation methods, general plant care, and also sustainable plantings. Not everything is learnt off the books though. Most of my vocational experience was spent outside working on different projects, whether it be climbing a tree to cut a limb off, or aerating the soil, or even cultivating plants. I knew the broad strokes of sustainability issues because they would come up in class, however I did not know the specifics about the issues.
The world is in disarray, and...

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...ld is not doomed. However, without changing our ways we are on a path to degradation and destruction of the world we live in. This course has changed how I present material to others, putting emphasis on making it understandable to a wide range of people. Conservation is something that has always been a career goal of mine. Maybe it is that I grew up next to the woods, maybe it is that the environmental issues are so prevalent in current society that I have no choice but to care about it. But working in conservation, whether it by the Parks Service, non-profit, or by a private organization, is the ultimate goal. Something that I want to expand my knowledge on after this course is on conservation biology. I want to learn how to do conservation correctly and in a sustainable manner. This world is in need of saving, and it needs a little bit of help from those who care.

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