Environmental Safety And Environmental Quality Essay

Environmental Safety And Environmental Quality Essay

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Environmental quality can directly affect health and plays a major role in quality of life. Poor air quality is linked to long-term damage to respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well as other diseases like lung cancers (Healthy People, 2020, 2016). Safe air, land and water are fundamental human rights that contribute to a healthy community environment. A harm free environment helps prevent disease and other heath problems. A major area of concern in threatened environmental quality is indoor and outdoor air pollution. The enforcement of environmental standards and regulations to monitor pollution, human exposures and building healthy environments can improve the health and quality of life for Americans at risk (Healthy People, 2020, 2016). There can be both chronic and acute impacts of poor environmental quality exposure, specifically with air pollution. The built environment affects both individual health and environmental quality. Everyone in the United States has the potential of being exposed to poor environmental air quality in his or her lifetime. Poor environmental quality has its greatest impact on people whose health status is already at risk and young children (Healthy People, 2020, 2016). Additionally, those in communities with poor environmental quality, exposure to air pollutants and toxins are at a higher risk.
Globally, nearly 25% of all deaths and total disease burden can be attributed to environmental factors (Healthy People, 2020, 2016). In 2012, 81,000 of these deaths occurred in the Americas (World Health Organization, 2014). Though 25% of global deaths are associated with poor environmental quality the burden of air pollution is not shared evenly. Poorer people and some racial and ethnic groups are amon...

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...uce key sources of urban outdoor air pollution (World Health Organization, March 2014). These interventions may also help combat socioeconomic inequalities as well as promote development. When societies are given opportunities to improve environmental quality their overall health has the opportunity to improve.
While environmental quality may be overlooked at times, it is a very important public health issue. Living in an environment with mold, poor air quality, and other pollutants can put the population at high risk for chronic medical conditions. At each level of the SEM model there is possibility for negative effects from poor environmental quality, but there are possible interventions that can improve these issues. In theory a societal intervention would best dissolve negative effects of air pollution, but requires a systematic change and would be very costly.

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