Essay on Environmental Matters that can Lead to Sustainable Transport

Essay on Environmental Matters that can Lead to Sustainable Transport

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Climate change is playing a significant role toward delivering sustainable transport. The location of workplace, home, leisure, education and other facilities, act as the driver of traveling framework. Transport system is the main support of daily activities. At the same time, it is a source of discomfort, due to the noise, traffic congestion, air pollution and climate change, contributing to 20% of greenhouse gas emission globally (IPPC 2013). The level of car ownership and usage nowadays is unsustainable leading to polluted and unhealthy cities. Each of the mentioned concerns can be considered important to shift toward a more sustainable urban development. Spatial planning main purpose is to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local, regional and national level. Although major countries, like UK, are directing transport policy initiatives toward usage of sustainable mobility, it is difficult to implement in practice in a society used to travel by car (Hutton, 2013). The existing city form and urban fabric have contributed to increased car usage. The built environment can influence the integration of sustainable travel into the urban pattern. Planning can begin to alter the inherited pattern of travel behaviour and establish a changed trajectory for the future. There are numerous opportunities to generate appropriate planning strategies at the built environment levels, which can lead in delivering sustainable travel. Integrated land use planning and urban design principles promote development of mixed use residential areas that can be well connected by public transport and safe for cycling or walking (Mark Deaking, 2007).

Spatial Planning and the Compact City
Travel by car is an essential component...

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