The Environmental Legacy of Rachel Carson Essay

The Environmental Legacy of Rachel Carson Essay

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Every year millions of American’s purchase chemicals intended to clean their home, remove weeds from lawns, and promise to eradicate various insects and other household pests. It is a deadly love affair with scientific advancements to create larger crops, more appealing food items and the promise of cleaner environments. Yet until recent years and the noticeable focus on organic and natural foods, very few have questioned these advancements. Rachel Carson was one of the people who had the courage and determination to stand up and question just how healthy these new advancements truly were for living creatures. Mrs. Carson’s effort to bring these things to light in her most well-known book, Silver Spring, a book that exposed just how dangerous the chemical dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and other synthetic chemicals was to the environment, animals, and humans. There was much more to her efforts and her concerns than just her coverage of DDT. Through her valiant devotion, Rachel Carson’s work lives on and the world is wiser to the potential hazards associated with scientific chemical advancements. Her life and her work is a reminder that the human populace is not lone entities on this planet.
Rachel Carson’s love for nature started at a very young age and was encouraged and nurtured by her mother, Maria Carson. In fact, it would be Maria Carson who would encourage her daughter in her many academic and scientific interests. From the earliest of ages, Carson wanted to be a writer, and in September 1918 had her first story “A Battle In The Clouds” published in the St. Nicholas League (St. Nicholas Magazine), earning her a silver badge for excellence in prose. The youngest child of three, Rachel Carson was the only chi...

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