Essay on Environmental Laws and Educational Awareness Campaings

Essay on Environmental Laws and Educational Awareness Campaings

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The world is facing troubling times that seem to get worse as time progresses. One big issue is rapidly growing to a worldwide crisis, pollution. This is a concerning matter to all nations because living organisms depend solely on this planet to help provide vegetation, oxygen, water, and life itself. Humans inhabit this planet yet; some of them seem not care much for their home planet Earth that for centuries has seen past generations of humans develop and evolve. Part of this evolution in humans consists of their open mindedness, which led to a concern/awareness of a group of humans known as “Environmentalists”. Environmentalists are people who advocate and work to protect the air, water, animals, plants, and all other natural resources from pollution. A new movement has begun with environmental laws and educational awareness campaigns that are being led by conservationist groups to help revert damage that the pollution has caused to our surroundings. Although some environmentalists are seen as extremists, environmentalists are an essential group of people that are attempting to better the world by cleaning up pollution.
There are many small environmental groups uprising in the U.S. for example, the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (GDAC) formed in Pennsylvania by Tom Jiunta and his small group in the year 2010. (Adam Federman) The GDAC steadily arose awareness in the community of “the risks of hydraulic fracturing or fracking,” and honestly, what better way to get people involved than by educating them over the particular topic that is affecting their community. (Adam Federman) Large utility corporations target these environmental organizations, as they are a threat to their businesses that generate large amounts of polluti...

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... problem that would mean undeveloped countries would have high pollution levels yet, this is not the case “in fact large families in undeveloped countries produce less pollution than a family in a developed country.” (Environmentalism and Population Control: Distinguishing Pro-Life and Anti-Life Motives.)(Marie I. George) Therefore, we can conclude that indeed environmentalists/extremists are an essential group that is attempting to clean up pollution and educate others over the topic at the same time.

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