Environmental Implications Of International Conservation Awareness Essay

Environmental Implications Of International Conservation Awareness Essay

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International Conservation Awareness
Some animal’s species have disappeared since life began on earth due to unstoppable causes from nature. Today, thousands of species are getting extinct at a fast rate due to different human factors like pollution, deforestation, and commercial overexploitation. Species of animals and plants are confronting threats of international and domestic trade, which many of these actions are even illegal and prohibited because it is causing habitat destruction. If humans are not able to conserve nature they will not be able to conserve human kind. It is important to understand the complexity about this issue because animals give us a better understanding about our own species.
Numerous large predators are being killed in the United States due to the competition with huntsman in wild games, and this costs the lives of the moose and the deer’s because they might be threatening domestic animals like sheep’s, and sometimes humans. Many other endangered species who occupy the top of the food chain, are small animals and fishes: “grizzly bear, black bear, gray wolf, red wolf, San Joaquin kit fox, jaguar, lynx, cougar, mountain lion, Florida panther, bald eagle, northern falcon, American alligator, and American crocodile.”
Social and economic aspects are important for many people and corporations, but the environmental aspect will define consequences that future generations might confront. The animal world is like a survival kit for humans. Different studies and tests have been successful thanks to the resources from biological components of different species like reptiles, mammals, fishes, and amphibians. Several snakes have been of a great help thanks to their venom that helped many Scientifics to find cur...

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...ools, business corporations, and industries of any kind. Even though The Endangered Species Act, and The Defenders of Wildlife are doing a great job in increasing the conservation all over United States and internationally, these federal laws and organizations along with the government should focus more on the behavior and actions of society.
If society is well prepared and knowledge, about the steps that they have to follow to maintain a healthy and clean environment the protection of wildlife would not be necessary anymore. It is not impossible to make this happen in a future. Actions bring results and it depends on those who have the power and lead to implement the necessary tools to have a better tomorrow. Persuasion and determination are two key words that are essential to use when new ideas are about to be presented to either organizations or the government.

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