Environmental Impacts Of The Golden One Center Essay examples

Environmental Impacts Of The Golden One Center Essay examples

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Environmental Impacts of the Golden One Center
The creation of the Golden One Center will likely cause numerous environmental impacts that will affect the surrounding area. These impacts include but are not limited to increasing the demand for water, potentially revealing contaminated soil and groundwater, harming the giant garter snake, degrading the air quality, and increasing light pollution. Each of these impacts require a method to minimize, avoid, or mitigate the effect. There are numerous methods that can be applied to achieve this goal so the following methods are just a small portion of what can be done to minimize, avoid, or mitigate these specific environmental impacts.
The creation of the Golden One Center will likely cause an environmental impact by increasing the demand for water supply. To remedy this rise in demand, it can be suggested that additional groundwater pumping be executed. Alternatively, the construction of a new water diversion can be enacted or possibly insert supplementary modern treatment infrastructure to supply the additional water. Unfortunately, both of these methods could cause additional environmental effects so to maintain a normal level of overall water consumption, water conservation is to be maximized which will avoid the environmental impact of increasing the demand for water supply.
This project has the potential to reveal contaminated soil and groundwater during the construction activities. To accommodate these environmental impacts, appropriate courses of action will need to be dictated in order to cover the majority of these situations. For instance, if contaminated soil or groundwater has been discovered, construction will need to stop immediately and the contamination will be req...

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...ds to minimize the light pollution effect. Ensuring that all lights meet the Sacramento’s light regulations and applying consequent mitigations will also assist in decreasing this impact. It is not entirely possible to avoid light pollution but these methods would decrease the overall effect.
The Golden One Center project will have a significant quantity of environmental impacts that need to be addressed to ensure a minimal disturbance. The impacts of increasing water demand, potentially revealing contaminated soil and groundwater, harming the giant garter snake, degrading the air quality, and increasing light pollution can be minimized, avoided and mitigated using the described methods to ensure a reduced overall effect on the environment. These methods only scratch the surface as there are copious means to address the many environmental impacts of this project.

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