Environmental Impacts Of Sustainable Development Essay

Environmental Impacts Of Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable development refers to not only meet the needs of contemporary people, but also not compromising the ability of future generations to meet development needs.Sustainable development and environmental protection have established contact, not the same. Environmental protection is an important aspect of sustainable development. The core of sustainable development is development, but requires strict control of the population, improve population quality and protect the environment for the conduct of economic and social development under the premise of sustainable use of resources.
There are three factors that make the governments all over the world start to build the sustainable development of the whole society, which are environmental and ecological factors, social factors and economic factors respectively. The first one are environmental and ecological factors, also known as ecological aspect, means to minimize damage to the environment or the environmental impact. Although this principle recognized by all parties, but due to the limitations of human scientific knowledge, for a number of specific issues will produce the opposite of understanding, such as nuclear power plants, support believes that it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is environmentally friendly and opposition We believe that the long-term nuclear waste radioactive pollution, but there are security risks of nuclear power plants are not environmentally friendly. The second one are social factors refers to still meet the needs of human beings. Sustainable development is not to return to the original human society, although at that time the human damage to the environment is minimal. The last one are economic factors, as known as economic aspect, that must b...

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... system. It is necessary to achieve the purpose of economic development, but also to protect the atmosphere is good for human survival, fresh water, oceans, land and forests and other natural resources and the environment, sustainable development and so that future generations can live and work. sustainable development can be simply summarized as sustainable economic development, sustainable development of ecologically sustainable development and social development. In order to maintain the sustainable development, the government should build the construction of the legal system of sustainable development, build the construction of the education system for sustainable development, build the construction of public participation in sustainable development;and the government should build a sustainable development of science and technology system and a management system.

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