Environmental Impacts Of Food Waste Essay

Environmental Impacts Of Food Waste Essay

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Food waste is defined by food that is lost, wasted, or discarded and is caused through a few different processes. Food is wasted through many different ways at farms, grocery stores, and in homes. Over 40% of the food in the United States, specifically, goes to waste and 97% percent of this waste goes straight to landfills. The main issue with food waste is that the majority of food is being wasted unnecessarily. In stores, food is often thrown out because it does not meet specific standards that dictate what may be desirable to consumers. This issue of food picking is important as foods are not always being thrown away because they have gone bad, but because they have appearances that do not seem attractive. If we hope to lessen the environmental impact we have as a result of the mass quantities of food waste we produce on a constant basis, it is necessary for systematic changes be implemented, and penalties for large quantities of food waste by large companies.
In a research paper published by the National Resource Defense Council, the causes of food waste are described in great detail and provide an extremely good insight into the specific reasons why this happens. When discussing the loss of food with regard to farming, the paper tells that the main causes of food waste are from failed harvesting as well as loss through the transportation of food from farms to stores. It is important to note that a substantial amount of the loss that occurs in the farming industry is due to incorrect estimations of the amount of food needed, as well as methodical processes that go wrong including through transportation, and processing foods in a damaging manner. If large quantities of food are being lost at such an early stage in the foo...

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... do nothing to enforce the act of throwing food away unnecessarily, and would only encourage it using tax breaks, which might not seem to be very appealing to large grocery store food chains, who may find it to be an inconvenience to donate leftover food.
There is a huge importance to the donation of food that directly affects hunger problems.
The solution to food waste is not a simple one, as it requires many specific standards to be met. The only way that this issue will be solved is if the government takes a strong stance against it, and if the population understands its importance. The issue of food waste arises from many different parts of the food process, and because of this, it is necessary for there to be regulations every step of the way. Regulations must be enforced, otherwise we will never solve this large issue, because there will be no motivation.

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