The Environmental Impact Of Nuclear Power Plant Essay

The Environmental Impact Of Nuclear Power Plant Essay

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Ralston Hall
Mindy Townsend
ENGL 1010 8:00
15 October, 2014
The Environmental Impact of Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear power plants do not belong in our world today due the major safety concerns they provide. The topic of nuclear energy has been discussed for the past fifty years; for the longest time, it was an unknown power with untapped capabilities one could only dream of. It was not until the 1940 's that scientist got a better grasp of the technology, and unlocked its potential. Unfortunately, this discovery was not a good thing at the time because nuclear technology was solely used to develop atomic bombs. This process occurred by splitting the atoms of particular isotopes of either uranium or plutonium in order to create a nuclear weapon. Thankfully, when the 1950 's hit, the focus was more geared towards the construction of commercial nuclear plants. This way, the plants were more out in the open and they had certain regulations they had to abide by. In turn, this allowed for the general public to know what the plans of the nuclear power plant were about. In this case (the 1950’s) scientist wanted to use nuclear power as a new source of energy. Furthermore, due to the fact that scientist had finally been able to lift the lid off of nuclear power, they were able see the positive benefits nuclear energy possessed. For example, nuclear power provides over 11% of the world 's electricity as continuous, reliable base-load power, without carbon dioxide emissions. This makes nuclear energy a cleaner source of energy to use and it has proven to be extremely effective. Nuclear power has been able to save our world a vast amount of energy, and provide efficiency among power plants. Although the lid of nuclear power has bee...

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...e that a nuclear power plant exploded and released harmful radiation throughout the city. The impact would be humongous for such as small reward(a source of energy). I would no longer be able to attend college here, some families would have to start over life in a whole new place, and our entire way of living would be changed. There would be a high chance that each inhabitant in the city would develop some sort of cancer, and Chattanooga would be a place that we could never come back to. The nuclear accident would completely flip our world upside down while the nuclear reactor’s potential positive benefits had nowhere near that amount of impact. All in all, it is better to do away with nuclear power plants because the effect they could have on the environment would be too much to overcome. We have other means of obtaining energy, so it is best that we look into them.

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