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In this class, Environmental Ethics, we have looked at a number of issues affecting the environment which are caused by humanity in its relations with the planet and other life on it. We have conducted discussions and utilized readings which were assigned to us on various topics regarding the environment. Our main focus has revolved around the topic of climate change; the causes and possible solutions. However, we have discussed fewer solutions and more the problem of determining the ethics of our current situation. What has brought us here and what we are doing to affect the planet for future generations? It is a given that the planet IS getting warmer. According to data collected at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center, Earth's surface temeratures have risen at an average rate of 0.15°F per decade since 1901, just after the start of the industrial revolution. The effects of industrial emmissions worldwide is apparent, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Since the late 1970s, however, the United States has warmed faster than the global rate." The cause and effect relationship of human consumption and the release of damaging emmissions into our atmosphere can be clearly seen. Obviously, humans are the cause of this recent planetary temperature spike. We are selfishly driving consumption, creating demands and then refusing to pay the bill for things we have already consumed. What's worse, this careless and utterly selfish attitude is targeted directly at the earth and her resources. Our industry is driven by corporations whose hands are drenched in the filth of their actions against humanity and the earth in order to rape and plunder her assets. Obviously, these ...

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