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Environmental Economics Essay

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With the rampant deterioration of the environment taking place, panic striking and scandalizing environmental issues like global warming and greenhouse effect making banner headlines in our news papers and bulletins. Entire world is busy in devising energy reforms that can save the planet from plunging deep into the pit of destruction and catastrophe. In order to counter the looming energy crisis that is engulfing the world, research scientists all over the world are busy brainstorming their ageing heads in order to devise reliable energy systems, which can prove effective in resolving environmental disasters. (Costanza, 1991)
In order to achieve this objective, substantial progress has been made in the form of accentuating greater usage for energy production and consumption by making use of renewable energy resources which do not undergo exhaustion unlike conventional resources of energy such as coal, oil and natural gas. Another reason due to which the significance of renewable resources has reached unprecedented levels is the economic feasibility involved and it is due to this importance a new discipline of environmental economics has invaded the ecological mainstream this century. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the environmental economics is the science of empirical and theoretical studies which studies the effect of ‘national or local environmental policies around the world’ it further deals with the economic aspects of environmental policies through cost benefit analysis and ways to counter the rising threat of air pollution, global warming and water quality.
As said earlier, progress on the development and the subsequent extraction of energy benefits from such resources is in pro...

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...ncy than gasoline. (Sorenson 2005)

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