Essay about Environmental Department Of Surveying ( Nds )

Essay about Environmental Department Of Surveying ( Nds )

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To: Dan Rogers, CEO, National Department of Surveying
From: Vlad Ferderer, Senior Manager, National Department of Surveying
Re: NDS’ Safety Culture
Dear Dan Rogers,
It has been brought to my attention that National Department of Surveying (NDS) has received an estimated 7% decrease productivity and safety rates relative to the last quarter’s average. You have asked me to analyze the potential safety risks developed at NDS, and propose the necessary solutions required to get the company back in the right direction. The following memorandum contains an explicative model investigation and analysis on management, safety procedures and some of the policies implemented at NDS. Furthermore, additional concerns and remedies have been provided in order to reduce safety risks, increase productivity, and sustain potential future problems.

In any kind of business, ethics plays an important role. The philosophy of safety first should be strongly emphasized in the organization. Creating a work environment in which employees are productive is essential to increased profits and safety within the organization. In order to meet NDS’ culture needs, depends on our ability to participate effectively in a very diverse social environment. Strong training, communication, and constant awareness of being a role model are some of the biggest ways to spread this type of healthy culture. Safety consciousness developed through education will be supplemented and broadened by specific additional instruction in safe working habits, practices, and skills. System changes must be in place to ensure daily supervisory activities in order to make sure certain criteria are met (P...

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...he programs, and helping in identifying the different types of incentives for employees - to establish a visible culture change within the workplace.

As we set forth with the new department, I am confident that our plans for NDS will meet the expectations of the company. I look forward to meeting with you next week to go over these plans and make any needed changes.

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