Environmental Degradation During The 1960s Essay

Environmental Degradation During The 1960s Essay

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During the 1960s through 2000s Americans started to worry about the future of humanity with the environmental changes and the movie “Waterworld” is a clear representation of their fears about the future. Starting in the mid- twenties people wanted to preserve nature because it was beautiful and some believed humans were spiritually attached to it, but the reasons change in the 1960s. The American people, in the 1960’s, started to realized that all the new technology was not eco-friendly and that the environment was seriously in danger. With this in mind, the growth of environmentalism was a result of the environmental degradation in the advanced industrial societies and the growth of the new science named ecology. Ecology provided the leaders of the movement called environmentalist with new and powerful arguments.
Also writers and environmentalist started to spread the word of the changes the environment was going through and many organizations were born with this new pieces of information. Some of this organizations address problems such as water and air pollution, the destruction of forest, extinction of species, and toxic wastes. The damage to the environment had become hard to ignored after the economic growth, as water and air pollution were becoming widespread that almost every major city was dealing with it. In the 1970’s Acts and “Earth day” were passed to combat also these problems. After that, environmentalism became part of the consciousness of the majority of Americans absorbed in popular culture, taught in school, and endorsed by politicians.
The movie called “Waterworld” was therefore a reflection of this new fear imprinted to preserve the environment in American society after the effects of global warming started...

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... of the advances had not been developed yet. The Mariner, for example, uses high technology in his boat called “Trimaran”. The boat has special adaptation that help the mariner survival easier than the other mariners. Some of them include water filtration system, and sails that help for a faster sailing. The movie in general helps the viewer have insight to the technology aspect and the evolution on science in the 1990s.
“Waterworld” is a good movie in general that provides insight to the 1990s era. During this time Americans were worried about the environment after Ecology was born. The effects of the damage caused by past wars and industrialization were starting to create long term effects in the environment that were hard to ignored. Americans were worried and the movie is a reflection of new technologies affecting the environment and what the fear of the future.

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