Environmental Degradation And Its Effects On The Earth Essay

Environmental Degradation And Its Effects On The Earth Essay

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Environmental Degradation
Have you ever thought of what would happened to the Earth if we don’t change our bad habits that has negative impact on the Earth? The issue that is been happening in our surrounding is environmental degradation. Environmental degradation began when Industrial Revolution was established, when people started using fossil fuels to run the machine, cars and transportation which now gives off pollution to the air and added more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and had negatives impact to environment that causing environmental degradation. The real definition of environmental degradation is the depletion of resource such as air, water, and soil. These resources are important components to keep us alive. Moreover, it has negative effects in human health not only Earth but also us as human beings. People need to be aware of the negative effects we have on the environment.
As a matter of fact, the causes of environmental degradation are our activities we do in our daily life. Our daily activity in life is one of the components of the environmental degradation. The three components of environmental degradation, land disturbance which is the land is been controlled with invasive species that does not support the satisfactory of food assets of the environmental life. Furthermore, pollution is another component, air pollution is created by transportation, factories, cars from its gasses and there’s also land pollution and noise pollution. Overpopulation has negative impacts because when population is raising more people will use resources faster than it replenish itself and more pollution will create by the human activities. The authors provide some facts information about what are environmental degradation...

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...ses is not component of the environmental degradation causes because natural causes have to do with natural disaster that it doesn’t to do with environmental degradation. According to Rinkesh, stated that “natural causes like storms, avalanches, wildfire, etc” (2). No doubt that natural causes is also causes of environmental degradation because many things is happening to our environment that we never know about it.
Therefore, people must educate themselves about environmental degradation so that they can be more aware and be wise about how they are treating the Earth. There are many solutions, people just have to know it and do it, somehow we can make a difference and solutions is being provided in this paper. The significance of doing this, is to prevent the destruction that is already happening and not to make it worse, instead to do something about it.

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