Essay on Environmental Challenges Of Air Pollution

Essay on Environmental Challenges Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution
The greatest adaptive challenge facing my country is the air pollution for China. Air pollution is one of the serious problems in the world. It is threatening people 's health and environment over 30 years. There are lots of aspects to this challenge. However, my focus will be on the adaptive challenges facing China reduce air pollution.
According to “Globalization” (International Perspectives FIP001 Course Book- Book1 2015 p7). In China, there is largest population in the world. China’s government had a plan, which is The Chinese economic reform. The industrial economy developed very fast, the economy increased rapidly, significantly increased the level of industrialization. During developing economic, a lot of greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere caused by human’s activities. Air pollution has seriously affected the quality of people 's lives, it also make people get the diseases. This essay will explore the main cause of air pollution and research some methods to reduce the air pollution.
There are some causes of air pollution, the most significant causes may be attributed to human. However, the manufacturing and burning of fossil fuel are two main causes of air pollution (Coffey, 2010). Pollution releases harsh problems and chemicals into the environment. Factories release different kinds of wasted gases include sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and dioxide and volatile organic compounds. The long term of manufacturing effects are effecting the atmosphere and making serious impacts to the ecosystem on the Earth. Some kinds of approaches are dealing with the wasted materials from manufacturing. However, it may take a long period of time to effectively resume from the destruction made...

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...nese government raised another renewable energy investment, develop the nuclear power. The global of Chinese government is reduce 40%-45% by 2020. However, China has became the world 's energy use more effective state.
China facing a lot of challenges of air pollution. Manufacturing and burning of fossil fuels are two main causes of air pollution. For solve these problems, government encourage the use of clean energy, also needs to formulate policies. If Chinese continue fix these problems, the air pollution will be reduce.

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