Essay about Environmental Challenges Impacting The American Auto Industry

Essay about Environmental Challenges Impacting The American Auto Industry

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Environmental Challenges Impacting the American Auto Industry
In reviewing the American auto industry 's environment, it becomes apparent that it is touched or influenced by many different imposing factors. But we also begin to realize the significance of this industry on the U.S. Economy and culture, which since the beginning have played critical roles in the industries growth through out the last century. Though the functional idea of motorized vehicles actually began in the late 1700s in France, the concept of utilizing one for personal transportation began as a mere isolated luxury for the wealthy. However, in 1908 Henry Ford set out to alter this concept by introducing what has been considered the first affordable automobile. The Model T, embraced the American spirit and was truly the first automobile trend, in that it made it possible for many to own a personal motorized vehicle, rather than just a few.[1] That trend has continued since, where automobile usage has increased expeditiously, where by 1999 the U.S had 200 million registered light trucks and cars on the road.[2] That number further grew to nearly 300 million personal vehicles by the third quarter of 2013, showing that the automobile industry has truly been one of expansion and growth.[3]
And despite the industry 's tremendous growth through the years, since it 's humble beginnings at the start of the 1900 's, we must ask if it is possible for this growth to continue? Due to the explosive expansion of the industry, there were many repercussions and negative impacts caused. These situations over the last 100 years has required the industry to manage the hurdles and redirect or even re-invent itself several times. But in order to continue the growth today, it is...

... middle of paper ... According to Hoffecker, “Technologically, the auto industry could well be on the cusp of its biggest set of changes since the invention of the internal-combustion engine...”
In conclusion, as the advances in technology opens the opportunity for new players to enter the game, along with the critical challenges facing the industry at home and abroad, the pressure is on to maintain the continued growth that has been seen over the last 100 plus years. There are dynamic shifts ahead, which will require the U.S. automobile industry to be adaptable and agile enough to effectively manage the challenges in order to reduce the negative impacts. But regardless of the out come, one thing is for certain, the industry will forever be different than the days when Henry Ford rolled out the first Model T back in 1908. In many ways that may be a good thing. A good thing in deed.

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