Environmental Assessment: Foundation for the Future Essay

Environmental Assessment: Foundation for the Future Essay

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In business world, changing environments dictate changes in policies and approaches in order to meet requirements and expectations. This is especially true in the healthcare field where many variables dramatically affect the way organizations conduct business. Therefore, proper environmental scanning and assessment is crucial to provide a close analysis of the healthcare landscape from different perspectives. Such assessments will define changes and trends, predict their effects on the organization, and most importantly will help design programs to benefit from those changes. This paper will provide an environmental scan for Rush University Medical Center and highlight approaches to design a marketing plan while taking in consideration the new trends of the healthcare consumerism.
What is environmental assessment?
As defined by Berkowitz (2011), environmental assessment is the analysis of surrounding factors in comparison to the status of the organization itself; which provides an idea about the organization’s strength, weakness and the factors favoring and threatening its future. Those factors are mainly regulatory, competitive, social, economic, and technological. Of course all these factors need to be collectively assessed and translated into the marketing and organizational action plan in adherence to the overall mission.
Rush University Medical Center’s environmental assessment
Considering the regulatory factors, Rush University Medical Center with other healthcare organizations have to strictly implement all the rules of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As Wilensky (2010) comments, it can be challenging for administrators and managerial sectors to comprehend and adhere to all regulations when implementing new legislation. Th...

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...ation: A comparative perspective. Journal of Policy Analysis and management, 31(1), 153-154.
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