The Environmental Aspect Of Education Essays

The Environmental Aspect Of Education Essays

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When we really think about it, everything produced by man – no matter how processed – began as natural resources from the earth. Therefore, it is important to remember these origins and learn about our planet. Similarly, as David Orr states, “all education is environmental education.” But, this education, like every man-made product, can be “processed” so much that it becomes detached from its environmental roots. Orr continues, explaining that “by what is included or excluded, emphasized or ignored, students learn that they are a part of or apart from the natural world. Through all education we inculcate the ideas of careful stewardship or carelessness.” Basically, the environmental aspect of education must be included and highlighted in order for future generations to learn that they play an integral part in the environment and its care. I believe that current education does not have a strong enough emphasis on the environment, and every course taught in all schools and universities should connect what is learned to the natural world in order for our successors to be more aware and connected to their surroundings.

My biggest pet peeve with today’s educational methods, at least in the United States, is that subjects are taught independently from one another. There is often not any discussion about how every subject is connected: how advances in mathematics allow for new discoveries in science, how those scientific discoveries influence history, how history can be observed through art, how art is a reflection of the psyche, how our psychological health is affected by the nature around us, how nature is changed by our activities in chemistry, how chemistry is part of fashion design, and so on and so forth. Every aspect of the worl...

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...ble items, and recycling all papers, metals, glasses, and plastics possible. If every individual on this planet made small and gradual changes to their lifestyle in order to live more sustainably, we could drastically improve our future.

Environmental education, like any education, should begin at home early in childhood and continue throughout grade school and university in order to extend into everyday life. For this environmental education to be effective, it must follow the ideas of ecological literacy in that all natural systems, and therefore all aspects of life, are interdependent. Comprehending ecological literacy will result in a society that wants to and sees the necessity of living a sustainable lifestyle. Environmental education is a positive feedback loop that, if more widely and intensely implemented, will benefit not only humans but the entire world. 

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