Essay on Environmental And Public Health Issues

Essay on Environmental And Public Health Issues

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Environmental and public health issues are some of the more important issues that have to be decided in our courts. One very good example of this is the case Michigan vs. EPA which was decided on June 29, 2015 and took place in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The case in question involved whether or not cost should be considered when an agency is putting limits on sources of hazardous air pollution. In this essay I will prove that the Environmental Protection Agency was justified in ignoring cost when making their decisions regarding restricting sources of air pollution. While many would argue that the Environmental Protection Agency 's actions were unjustified due to the cost of the regulations being too much and the agency’s stepping out of bounds I would argue that the agency regulations would have been for the better due to the prevention of damage to the public health and environment these regulations would lead to. I would also argue that these regulations would have paid for themselves in terms of the benefits they provided and that the Environmental Protection Agency was not operating outside of its bounds.
The United States Supreme Court takes on many issues everyday that affect the safety and well being of its citizens. While cost is an aspect that can not be ignored any loss would be made up for with the improvement in public health and to the environment.
Before I talk about the different arguments each side of the case used when they were debating it I feel that it is important to go over a brief history of this court case and the events that lead up to it being debated in court. This all began when congress decided to deal with the problem of air pollution by enacting the Clean Air Act during 1970....

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... regulations which proves that costs are definitely part of the process for them. The Environmental Protection Agency knew that the benefits of implementing the regulations would have been worth 90 billion to 37 billion dollars annually compared to the cost of around 10 billion dollars a year. While these benefits are side benefits of the regulations that come from the reduction of substances like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter these benefits still heavily outweigh the cost of the regulations.
I have made my arguments regarding this court case but before this ends I would like to make one last statement. There is no price that can be put on public health or the health of the environment. The regulations that the Environmental Protection Agency would have indeed cost a great deal but they would have also done a great deal to protect the health of the public.

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