Environmental And Lifestyle Factors That Affect Human Health Essay

Environmental And Lifestyle Factors That Affect Human Health Essay

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Health in human life define as ability of society or individual to adjust when facing challenges such as mental, social or physical (World Health Organization (WHO), 2002:1.) It is well known that the health of human beings gets affect by several factors such as genetic, lifestyle, environmental and socioeconomic elements that influence and support the health sector. Maintaining health is a process that starts with health knowledge and end up with implementing that knowledge into the real life for the purpose of living healthy. Although there was a rise of life expectancy over the last 200 years, people were not able to have the same opportunity to live healthy. This essay will describe, analyse and evaluate environmental and lifestyle factors that affect human health.

Environmental factors are the element that surrounds people and cause a risk on their health. This includes the air that human breathe, water supply and food that exposed to dangerous materials. Air pollution and contaminated food are examples of environmental factors that effects human health. The burning of fossil fuels, exhaust fumes from vehicles and radiation spills are examples of air pollution which leads to death. According to Lomborg(2002), the number of reported death cases that results from air pollution reaches 2.8 million cases. In addition, food quality is an essential element that the human health depends on it. Eating contaminated food such as seafood that exposed to radiation or industrial discharges could cause a serious health illness.

Lifestyle factors is about creating healthy choices like following healthy diet and controlling alcohol consumption to stay healthy and physically active. All kinds of food that contains saturated fat and large a...

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In conclusion, this essay has discussed two of the most important factors that affect human health and evaluated them from different angles. Environmental factors like air pollution and contaminated food, lifestyle factors like diet and alcohol consumption all of them have large impacts on human health and life expectancy. MEDCs are affected more by environmental factors such as water, food and air quality which results in transmitted of diseases as a consequence large death rate reported in MEDCs, while lifestyle factors are the dominant factors that affects the health of LEDCs this is because of lack of elements that helps in disease prevention such as education. All of factors results in high mortality and morbidity rate which shorten life expectancy. Increase public health awareness may help individuals and community to minimize the size of this problems.

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